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LCA XVII Conference Session Presentations

Tuesday, October 3, 2017
Making the Most of LLC Inventory Data (CS1)
New Developments in Impact Assesment (CS2)
Uncertainty and Data Quality (CS3)
Assessing Prospective Technologies in LCA (SS1)
Impact Assessment Improvements for Climate and Worker Health (CS6)
Recycling & Allocation Topics (CS4)
Tool Developments (CS5)
LCA in the Classroom and Beyond (SS2)
Handling Risks and New Technologies (CS7)
Rethinking Energy Production (CS8)
A Roadmap for Increasing Adoption of Uncertainty in LCA (SS3)
Global Consensus on Life Cycle Impact Indicators from the Life Cycle Initiative (SS4)


Wednesday, October 4, 2017
Understanding Impacts of Carbon in Wood (CS10)
Impacts of Paving Materials (CS11)
Assessment of Batteries & Storage (CS12)
LCA Insights for Additive Manufacturing (SS5)
Making EPDs Useful (CS13)
Solar & Low Carbon Technologies (CS14)
Life Cycle of Chemical (SS6)
How to Account for GHG Emissions from Land Use Change (SS7)
Food & Agriculture (CS16)
Fuels (CS17)
Case Studies on Prospective Analysis of Emerging Technologies (SS8)
The Federal LCA Commons (SS9)
Vehicles & Transportation (CS19)
Using LCA for Policy & Government (CS20)
New Methods to Support Decision Making (CS21)
Development of Robust Parametric LCA Models to Support Early Stage Decisions (SS10)


Thursday, October 5, 2017
Organization & Communication of LCA (CS22)
Social Impact Assessment & Use (CS23)
Novel Case Studies (CS24)
LCA at the US Department of Energy (SS11)
Assessing Buildings (CS15)
Impact of Using & Treating Water (CS25)
Towards a Framework for LCA Emerging Technologies (SS13)
Nine Rapid Fire Stories of LCA Application in Industry (SS14)
Integrating a Life Cycle Perspective into the Circular Economy Vision (SS15)
European Product & Organization Environmental Footprint Initiatives (SS16)