Building capacity, driving development & connecting the LCA Community


Chair: Bill Flanagan (Aspire Sustainability)
Vice Chair & Treasurer: Rich Helling (Dow)
Vice Chair & Secretary: Brandie Sebastian (American Iron and Steel Institute)


Alison Conroy - Georgia Pacific
Jean M. Bruney - Chevron
Sarah Cashman - Eastern Research Group
Tom Etheridge - HP
Tom Gloria – Industrial Ecology Consultants
Gretchen Govoni – SABIC
Troy Hawkins - Argonne National Laboratory
Tammy Ayers - Steelcase
Garvin Heath –NREL
Connie Hensler – Interface
Wes Ingwersen – EPA
Josh Kniefel - NIST
Chris Koffler – thinkstep

Lise Laurin – Earthshift Global
Mike Levy – First Environment
Brad McAllister – WAP Sustainability
Jack Nassab - Schlumberger
Carrie Pearson – 3M
Mark Pitts - American Forest & Paper Association
Christopher Richard – Lockheed Martin
Cheryl Smith– Owens Corning
Sangwon Suh -Bren School
Kuma Sumathipala -American Wood Council
Julie Sinistore – WSP
Xiaoying Zhou – DTSC
Melissa Zgola - Quantis
Jeff Zeman - Kohler