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Product Category Rule Guidance Development Initiative

We have developed global guidance for the rules that set how environmental product claims are made. These rules are called Product Category Rules and are necessary for claims based on a quantitative life cycle assessments, such as product carbon footprints, water footprints, and environmental product declarations (EPDs).

This effort was initiated in early 2012 by the American Center for Life Cycle Assessment Product Category Rule Committee. It is now an open initiative with widespread participation and public ownership. This initiative has not received funding from any organization and the participants volunteered their time to develop the guidance.

The specific goals of this effort are listed below:

  1. Supplement existing LCA-based product claim standards
  2. Create a robust PCR template that can be used by all program operators
  3. Operationalize the PCR template through example PCRs
  4. Provide instructions and real-world examples of how to adapt or harmonize PCRs
  5. Develop a list of common elements for PCRs
  6. Make best practice recommendations for PCR development
  7. Support the advancement and alignment of existing LCA-based product claim standards
  8. Include all stakeholders interested in the development process
  9. Evolve continuously based on the need determined by stakeholders