Joint Life Cycle Assessment Interest Group

Co-Chairs: TBD (ACLCA) & Christoph Koffler, thinkstep (SETAC)

Press Release: Joint Life Cycle Assessment Interest Group

ACLCA and SETAC have joined forces to tackle the technical challenges of LCA that our combined memberships face in their daily work. We want to encourage all ACLCA members to become involved in this important work and help us improve and refine life cycle assessment methodology and practice for the benefit of the North American as well as the global LCA community.

You can get involved through the following pathways:

Go to to register with the Joint LCA Interest Group. (how-to-guide)You don’t need to be a member of ACLCA or SETAC to join the IG, so please feel free to share this with other colleagues in the field that may not be aware of this opportunity.