ACLCA Committees

  • Industry Committee

    Our mission is to create a collaborative environment supporting the advancement and evolution of LCA and life cycle thinking application in industry to develop sustainable business outcomes

  • Education Committee

    The mission of the Education Committee is to provide leadership in life cycle assessment and life cycle thinking education at all levels of training and expertise.

  • Policy Committee

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  • PCR Committee

    The PCR committee promotes discussion and helps ACLCA and its members stay informed on new PCR- and EPD-related developments, as well as provides thought leadership and addresses needs through the development of guidance documents and other resources.

  • Outreach Committee

    The mission of the ACLCA Outreach Committee is to collaborate and build an extended network of sustainability advocates to promote the importance of employing a life cycle perspective and to increase awareness of the value of life cycle assessment for a more sustainable global economy.

  • Technical Committee

    The mission of the SETAC - ACLCA LCA IG is to advance technical and methodological aspects of LCA in North America. More specifically, the IG is interested in promoting the science, practice, and application of LCAs to reduce the resource consumption and environmental burdens associated with products, packaging, processes, or activities.