ACLCA 2021 - Student Opportunities

ACLCA 2021 Virtual Conference

September 21-24, 2021

As the largest LCA conference in North America, ACLCA provides several specialized opportunities for the student community, plus significant student discounts. The annual LCA Conference attracts leaders from around the world and all sectors, offering networking and education that go far beyond professional development.

Student Poster Contest

Students are offered the opportunity to participate in our annual Student Poster Contest. This contest is offered only to currently enrolled students. Any student may enter by submitting an abstract through our submission process. Click here for more details.

Student Volunteers

ACLCA is pleased to offer our student volunteer program for this year's ACLCA 2021 Conference. Eligible students will be able to apply to volunteer during the conference and at conference events in exchange for free entry into the ACLCA 2021 Conference. Click here for details and to apply.

Student Workshop

This complimentary 3-hour short course is specifically designed for undergraduates (or postgraduates new to LCA), to provide an introduction to life-cycle assessment (LCA). In this course you will learn the basics of the LCA method and its application to real-life situations. Click here for details and to register.