ACLCA 2020 - Institute

New to LCA? Attend the LCA Institute at ACLCA 2020!

LCA Institute: Add Impact and Power to Your Sustainability Efforts with LCA

New! In-Person and Virtual Registration Available

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) can add increase the power and results of your sustainability efforts, Join us at ACLCA 2020 Conference to hear from the leaders in the field – Industry, Academia, Government and NGO’s – how you can incorporate LCA into your organization's sustainability efforts and make better decisions, see better results and communicate your success to your organization's executives and the public.

Register for the LCA Institute

Register for the LCA Institute - In-Person and Virtual registration options are available! Both in-person or virtual registration allows for crossgrade changes up to September 8, 2020, where you can switch from in-person to virtual or virtual to in-person with no change fees.

The virtual option for the ACLCA 2020 Conference, will have the high-quality, in-person attendee experience of the annual LCA meeting. The virtual conference option will include our inspiring plenary speakers, collaborative challenge sessions, compelling special sessions, presentations and posters, awards, networking opportunities, and a full-featured exhibit hall.

We are focused on building in creative ways to support critical networking, shared learnings, business, and connections that bring the full LCA community together online and in-person.   This includes the Art Summit and the Ask the Scientist events that are being developed.  We assure you that ACLCA 2020 Conference will continue to bring the LCA community together and help move LCA and Life Cycle Thinking forward.