ACLCA 2020 Virtual Conference

ACLCA 2020 Conference September 22-24, 2020
Pre-Conference Workshops, September 21, 2020

Art in Science at ACLCA 2020

We know that the ACLCA community is thoughtful, informed, and creative. For many of us, the annual ACLCA conference is a chance to get to know each other better and build lasting relationships. This year’s conference brings a twist to the traditional reception gathering to engage each other in alternate and visual ways. The inaugural art exhibition is a challenge that is set up in a supportive way to help those of us inclined to play and explore artistic ways to express the heady concepts we all face each day.

The art aspect of the ACLCA 2020 exhibition is simple yet complex, just the kind of activity our community of practice is suited to disentangle. Doing so outside our daily work approaches may help each of to elevate how we bring life cycle thinking to varied technical and non-technical audiences.

This inaugural Sustainability Art Exhibition at ACLCA 2020 is intended to be participatory to showcase efforts that convey broad issues encompassed within the sustainability sphere in non-scientific ways.

This is an open invitation to each ACLCA 2020 attendee to bring out their creative side, and present a sustainability issue in the form of an artwork. Let’s unveil the hidden talents within our community of practice to communicate the issues of our times visually.

View Video Invitation to Participate from Minal Minstry

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ACLCA 2020 Virtual Trivia Night, Hosted by Sporcle

Bars may be on hiatus, but you can still test your knowledge at ACLCA 2020 virtual trivia night, hosted by Sporcle!

Virtually network and connect with others in the ACLCA community while relaxing and having some fun testing your knowledge.

Sign-up for ACLCA 2020 virtual trivia night.

Sign up with teammates, get matched up, or go solo. Teams of 2-6 will be challenged in a friendly competition of sustainability-themed trivia questions.

Here are the details:

 You may sign-up as an individual and be assigned to a team, or you may form a team of up to six participants.

 If you're on a team, talk to your teammates to determine the team name and decide on a team captain (note that all team members have to register individually).

 The trivia events are an exclusive benefit for ACLCA 2020 Virtual Conference attendees. Have a friend that wants to play? Encourage them to register for the meeting!

 Competitors will be sent a Zoom registration link and additional details prior to the Trivia Night.

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More Networking and Activities Coming Soon!