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Advance your Career with ACLCA LCA Certifications:

Advance your career as a LCACP. LCACP certification allows the LCA practitioner to demonstrate a level of expertise in LCA practice and a commitment to the ACLCA Code of Ethics.

Here’s how to begin the process

  1. Review pre-requisites for LCACP Exam
  2. Submit application with proof of prerequisitesmet and pay application fee
  3. Once prerequisites have been approved, pay exam fee (discounts for ACLCA Members!)
  4. Find exam location

The Exam
The LCACP exam us a closed-book 3.5 hour multiple choice exam in English. There are 184 questions. The examination covers: General LCA knowledge, ISO standards, LCI, LCIA, Project management, Data quality management, Post-impact calculations, LCAmodeling/software, Statistics, Ethics, and Emerging issues.

Exam Locations

  • LCA XVI, Monday, 1PM – 4:30PM, September 26, 2016 in Charleston, SC.
  • The LCACP exam can also be taken anywhere in the world at your convenience.
  • Find out about a Proctored LCACP Exam.
LCACP Exam Pre-requisites

Prerequisites may be met by any one of the following:

  1. A degree in LCA at the undergraduate or graduate level (submit copy of diploma)
  2. A degree in environmental science or environmental engineering (submit copy of diploma), plus
    submitting proof of an LCA internship or externship (at least 3 months, shown by a letter from
    employer) or participation in doing an LCA (LCA study submitted)
  3. LCA skills gained through experience: submit an LCA that is either critically reviewed or published in
    a peer reviewed journal (study submitted: applicant must be one of the listed authors)
  4. College-level LCA class work, plus classes in which one has taken the following coursework or
    classes containing the essential skills of the class work:

    • General Chemistry
    • Statistics
    • Economics
    • Systems analysis or systems dynamics
    • Environmental ToxicologyPlus proof of an LCA internship or externship (at least 3 months, shown
      by a letter from employer) or participation in doing an LCA (LCA study submitted).

ALL SUBMITTED MATERIALS ARE KEPT CONFIDENTIAL. Submission of all materials verifying the prerequisites must be complete no later than one month before the planned exam date, and may be either emailed to, or sent via hard copy to:
PO Box 30075
Bethesda, MD 20824

Recertification – three-year renewal cycle

The LCACP certification requires renewal at three-year intervals. During those three years, LCACPs must earn continuing education units (CEUs) in accordance with the recertification policy. That document is updated occasional.
To pay for the LCACP renewal, please click here.
Please contact or call 202.660.0337 with any questions.

Recording Ceus

LCACPs must submit the form for recertification and pay the renewal fee. They must keep records for the CEUsearned for three years. Failure to recertify will cause removal of the LCACP from the website, and the exam will have to be taken again in the event that the individual seeks to regain certification. ACLCA reserves the right to audit records for the recertification system.

CLAR certification assures commissioners of LCAstudies, product category rules and environmental product declarations that the reviewers are competent to perform these reviews

All Certified Life Cycle Assessment Reviewers (CLAR) have demonstrated LCA expertise and practical competence through:

  • passing the Life Cycle Assessment Certified Professional (LCACP) exam
  • > 5 years’ experience in the field of LCA
  • having performed at least 5 critical reviews

To receive CLAR Certification:

  1. Be an LCACP in good standing.
  2. Submit documentation of your five years’ experience in the field (if your LCACPcertification is at least five years old, no further documentation is needed) and document fiveLCA reviews you have participated in, sent electronically to It will be reviewed by the Certification Committee members.
  3. Pay the one-time fee of $400 at the ACLCAWeb shop.
  4. Maintain membership of ACLCA.

CLE certification was developed in conformity with the ISO 17024 standard and demonstrates that the individual understands the basics of LCA, and can interpret and communicate LCA results to the general public. The CLE certification is especially useful for individuals such as architects and product specifiers, purchasing agents, environmental managers, sustainability managers, educators and individuals who hire contractors to perform LCA studies. To become a CLE